Annual Meeting Special | “Hand in Hand, Build the Dream” LEAD – Titans New Power Fifth Anniversary Celebration and 2019 Chinese New Year Party

Time: 2019.02.15

Lead-Titans New Power
Held the fifth anniversary new year celebration
With slogan “ Hand in hand, build the dream”


Is an unforgettable year
With R&D breakthrough
and brand new marketing pattern
Titans steps into international stage
Titans leaps forward
Keeps striving for a better future
In this marvelous era

Follow me
To review the special times of the celebration

Wearing group shirt specially designed
Taking the photo with people always by your side


“Honest , Forward-looking, Innovative, Win-win” culture
Shone in bright smile of every Titanese

Good-looking and talented
Those are adorable Titan employees

Except from honoring employee
Their family has also been invited and rewarded
Thanks for their support
Titaneses can focus on their work

In the commending ceremony, CEO Li Yongfu shares:

Looking back, the spirit of “honesty and innovation” leads Titans to fulfill impressive accomplishment within 5 years development.
Stepping into future, Titans need and will focus on cultivating talents to revolutionize the current LIB production technology. We are on our way to meet our ambition!

At last, the chairman Wang Yanqing addressed a speech as the ending of commending ceremony, expressed his acknowledgement for the development of the company and praised the international market breakthrough under the hard work of all the employees.

“The higher expectation has been held for the performance of Titan in the next year to come. Next 5 years is waiting for us and I hope all of us can hand in hand, build our dreams!” He said.

The celebration began with lamplight show

CEO Lee appeared on the stage to strike the drum

Top Management Team
One by one
Sang their song

Four host
Giving new year wishes

The employees who has worked for 5 years
Are invited to step into the stage

Dancing girls gives performance of

Bad Girl Good Girl

Original Cross-talk “Tomorrow will be better”
Praises company’s products

Florence Dancing
Magical Power
Poping Breaking Nunchakus

Blind-date comedy

The top three singer in Titans
Sang “ The best expectation”

The stage play Album reproduced the youth years
Those years
Fighting for our dreams

Visual dance
In black and white with masks
Makes you marvel

Ancient dance
by charming girls
from accounting department

Western ballet
Softly tell story of New power

The last performance
Ended with reading from chairman of labor union and vice president of manufacturing center

5 years we have been fighting together
5 years we have been building together
In the future
Hand in hand
The dream of “ To be the most preferable international LIB equipment leader”
Will come ture