● Process:cell code scanning, skirt wrinkle trimming,
prevacuumizing,air bag piercing, cell sealing, air bag cutting, code
scanning & weighing, skirt wrinkle trimming, fine cutting, 1st folding,
hot pressing, binder dripping & 2nd folding, hot ironing, cold ironing,
fine trimming, unloading
● In the process of pocket puncture, the number and position of blade is adjustable. After puncturing the pocket, it does not stick to aluminum-plastic sealing bag
● There is an isolating device between the cell body and the pocket to prevent the electrolyte spitting to the cell in puncturing
●Equipped with electrolyte collector to ensure there is no electrolyte accumulation in the sealing chamber
● Life span of sealing head is ≥1 million times, and it is simple and
convenient to replace

Basic Parameters

● Machine capacity: 15PPM    ● FTY (first time yield: ≥99.5%     ● Parallelism Variance of Sealing Head: 0.005mm    ● Shell cover Temp Accuracy: ±2℃

Standard Configurations

● Automatic vacuum           ● Automatic edge cutting, folding, ironing           ● Automatic scanning         ● Precut airbag

Optional Configurations

● Insulation test           ● Centrifugal vacuuming