● Process:Cell code scanning → Cell shaping → Forevacuum→Air bag puncture → Cell sealing → Airbag pre-cutting→Cell precise sealing →Precise edge cutting → Edge folding→Cell code scanning→Weighting → Cell thickness measurement → Tab shaping
● Blade’s number &position adjustable in airbag puncture process. After puncturing the airbag, non-adhesive aluminum plastic sealing bag.
● Equip an isolating device between the cell body and the airbag to prevent the electrolyte splashing onto the cell
● Equip an electrolyte collection device in the chamber to make sure no electrolyte accumulation.
● Shell cover lifespan≥100 million times, and the replacement of the shell cover is simple and convenient

Basic Parameters

● Machine capacity: 14PPM    ● Yield rate: ≥99%     ● Shell cover parallelism: ±0.01mm    ● Shell cover Temp Accuracy: ±2℃

Standard Configurations

● Automatic vacuum function          ● Automatic edge cutting, folding ironing function          ● Automatic code scanning function          ● Airbag pre-cutting

Optional Configurations

● Insulation test           ● Automatic weighing function              ● Optional configurations