Film Wrapping Machine


● Double-station loading mechanism to realize nonstop material changeover
●U type and ring type wrapping
●With real-time monitoring of all data, self-developed software can deliver data to customer’s MES system
●Functions such as screening bad bar-code, folding edge of can, testing insulation, measuring dimension
●Bubble-free on the surface with flexible rubber coated knurling technology. Wrinkles-free with automatic deviation correction and tension control technology

Basic Parameters

● Capacity: ≥6~12PPM         ● FTY (First Time Yield): ≥99.5%(the defective ratio caused by the equipment is <0.5%)

● Fitting accuracy: 0.2-0.5mm     ● Wrapping positioning accuracy: ≤±0.5mm    ● Positioning accuracy of insulator: ≤±0.2mm

Standard Configurations

●  Wrapping unit            ●  Edge Folding mechanism            ● Stick top cap/bottom insulating sheet            ● Insulation test

Optional Configurations

●  Size detection              ●  Coding              ● Weighting