● Sorting level: 6/8/12/20 levels for good product +1 level NG product
● The conveyor belt allocates the designated pallet to the sorting device
● Accurate positioning of the tray, NG selecting.
● Automatic scanning
● Optional modes of sorting: voltage, internal resistance,capacity, voltage, DC internal resistance, constant current ratio, pressure difference at the end of discharge period, K value

Basic Parameters

● Dimension: Determine according to requirements    ● Capacity: ≥120P PM    ● Applicable cells: 21700/18650/20650/26650 etc.    ● Yield rate: 99.5%

Standard Configurations

●  Integral tray loading and unloading                    ●  Automatic backflow of empty tray                ●  16 levels selection mechanism

Optional Configurations

●  Automatic refilling the empty tray                 ●  Automatic stacking tray              ●  Numbers of sorting levels (customized)