Stacker Crane


● The laser positioning method is with high positioning accuracy.
● Photoelectric obstacle detection, mechanical collision-proof detection, moving flashing alarm and other multiple safety protection functions.
● The laser rangefinder calculates the speed of the stacker in real time and monitors the motion state.
● Anomaly detection.

Basic Parameters

Parameters of stacker

● Stack crane type: Single / double extension    ● Stack crane form: Single column / double column    ● Cargo platform type–Fork type: Plate fork/double fork  Cargo station: Single tray / double tray
● Speed: Max.220m/min    ● Load: 0-500KG    ● Acceleration speed: 1.5m/s², Customizable   ● Positioning accuracy: ±2mm

Parameters of safety scanner

● Parameters of safety scanner: 4m/5.5m/7m   ● Effective distance of alarm area: 49m   ● Scanning angle: 190°   ● Resolution ratio: 30mm/40mm/50mm/70mm/150mm , adjustable
● Response time: 60ms

Standard Configurations

●  Over hight, ultra wide, in-position detection of cargos                ●  Ultra limit protection

Optional Configurations

● Armored fire protection device              ● Safety laser scanner              ● Fire-fighting device              ● Camera