● With fiber laser built-in, the filling hole is cleaned by Galvo scanning, so as to ensure that there is no residual electrolyte
● Detect the position of filling hole with CCD visual positioning mechanism, then place the seal nail in a correct place. The precision of CCD acquisition positioning system is ≤±0.05mm, and its automatic detection of focal distance resolution is ≤ 0.02mm
● Full welding is conducted after spot welding where there is no pit, to ensure beautiful outlook and good tightness

Basic Parameters

● Machine capacity: ≥12PPM   ● FTY (First Time Yield): ≥99.5%   ● Laser cleaning and scanning speed: ≥3000mm/s   ● Laser cleaning and scanning accuracy: ±0.1mm
● Positioning accuracy of laser cleaning fixture: ≤±0.1mm    ● Fixture accuracy: ≤±0.1mm    ● Welding speed: >6mm/s    ● Fusion depth: 0.3~1.2mm    ● Fusion width: 0.8~1.7mm

Standard Configurations

● Automatic loading and unloading mechanism of manipulator             ● Vibrating mirror laser cleaning mechanism            ● Sealing nail laser welding mechanism            ● CCD detection function with bad welding            ● Welding and dust removal function

Optional Configurations