Nail Inserting Machine


●  Manipulator designed, wide compatibility range
●  With the reverse nail detection function,effectively improve the equipment capacity and Yield rate.
●  The nails are inserted by manipulator in high positioning accuracy and stable efficiency. Adopt spiral mode during the process of inserting plastic nail to prevent the plastic nails deformation,anomaly caused by rebounding.
●  Automatic nail feeding system , with functions of automatic inspection of defective.

Basic Parameters

● Dimension: Determine according to requirements    ● Machine capacity: ≥18PPM    ● Yield rate: ≥99.9%    ● Equipment failure rate DT: ≤1.0%

Standard Configurations

●  Manipulator insertion mechanism                 ●  Detection and transmission of plastic nails on the vibration plate                  ●  Precision positioning mechanism for tray and cells                   ●  Nail status detection mechanism

Optional Configurations