● Stable performance, wrong kill rate is 0% and overkill rate is 0.5%.
● Function of cyclic inspection, it can detect the leaked cells
● Operating parameters such as leakage rate, detection time, detection pressure and alarm value can be set according to process requirements
● The function of automatic helium removal can quickly and effectively eliminate the residual helium gas in the box and pipeline. The recovery of residual helium gas avoid pollution to the environment of the workshop

Basic Parameters

● Machine capacity: ≥12PPM    ● FTY (First Time Yield): ≥99.5%    ● Vacuuming Time: ≤20s    ● Helium Detection Time: ≤5s
● Minimum Detectable Leakage Rate: ≤10-12Pa·m3/s    ● Leakage Rate Display Range: ≥1.0×10-12Pa·m3/s-1.0×10-3Pa·m3/s    ● Detected chamber leakproofness: ≤50Pa/min

Standard Configurations

● Robot automatic loading and unloading mechanism           ● Leakage test by vacuum-chamber Helium Mass Spectrometry           ● NG buffer and re-examine function

Optional Configurations

●  Gas concentration