High-temperature Vacuuming Formation And Capacity Grading System For Prismatic Lithium-ion Battery


●  Wide compatibility range, modularized design, easy to replace.
●  The temperature uniformity of storage location: ±3℃
●  High-precision temperature collection
●  Anomaly detection (polarity / probe contact resistance / loop contact resistance / ambient temperature / channel temperature / smoke detection / power-off protection)
●  Full-automatic on-line calibration

Basic Parameters

● Dimension: Determine according to requirements   ● Conventional tray size: 436×796mm / 436×836mm   ● Yield rate: 99.5%

Standard Configurations

●  Energy recovery type power module           ●  Modularized cabinet design         ●  Automatic loading and unloading by stack crane           ●  Stepwise vacuuming formation            ●  High-precision adjustable smoke sensor            ●  Low-impedance and heat-resistant high-current knurling probe              ●  Triple security protection of modular level, process level and system level

Optional Configurations

●  Fire-prevention design of storage location             ●  Online special gas-water spray integrated fire protection system
●  Capacity temperature compensation              ●  Heat-resistant and fire-prevention tray               ●  Proportional valve adjusting the negative pressure
●  Full-automatic wireless power calibration tooling/ plugging nozzle tooling / line loop testing tooling / vacuum-pumping detecting plugging tooling /vacuum-pumping detecting leakage tooling/ Other positioning toolings

Special configurations:● ○Fixed spacing and fixed pressure restraint tray   ● High temperature ove   ● Smoke exhaust function