Prismatic Lithium-ion Battery DCIR Detection Equipment


● Wide compatibility range, modularized design, easy to replace.
● Self-developed of probe, high service life, easy to maintenance.

Basic Parameters

● Dimension: Determine according to requirements    ● Yield rate: 99.5%    ● Single machine capacity: ≥12PPM    ● System specification: 0A60A100A250A500A customizable

● Discharge voltage setting range: 1500-5000 mV   ● Voltage testing precision: ±0.05%FS   ● Voltage resolution: 0.1 mV   ● Voltage resolution: 0-5000 mV   ● Current setting range: (0.1%-100%)FS

● Current testing precision: ±0.05%FS    ● Current resolution: 0.1mA    ● Range of measurement: (0.1%-100%) FS    ● Data storage interval: 0-30s adjustable    ● Sampling frequency: 1KHZ

Standard Configurations

●  Integral tray loading and unloading         ●  Fully automatic calibration tooling         ●  Low-impedance and heat-resistant, high-current knurling probe

Optional Configurations

●   Cross line type                     ●   side type