Manipulator For Tray Packing/Unpacking


●  Battery + tray binding to fool-proof, battery legitimacy & tray validity checking
●  Light weight design of mechanical claw: Gripper + flexible material + flexible manipulator
●  Six axis manipulator, steady performance and flexibility
●  The gripper is controlled by five-position three-way valve with middle O-type, and compress air shut-off protection
●  The clamping fixture adopts cylinder clamping mode, and the gripper part is plane slot type, which can precisely claw the irregular battery placed on the transport machine or in the battery tray

Basic Parameters

● Load: ≤20Kg    ● Cycle time: ≤10s

Standard Configurations

●  Power outage and air breaking protection            ●  Battery in position detection            ●  Obstacle detection function under manipulator+double hardware detection             ●  Battery lift positioning mechanism              ●  Double limit protection

Optional Configurations

●   Battery bar code scanner