Electrolyte Refilling Machine


● Weigh the electrolyte before filling, take the data from first filling machine, and automatically calculate the parameters for adding electrolyte
● High efficiency and accurate precision by vacuuming first and then injecting
the electrolyte
● Clean the filling nozzle with vacuum diaphragm pump in the vacuum absorption mode, which can effectively clean the residual crystallization

Basic Parameters

● Dimension: Determine according to requirements    ● Machine capacity: ≥12PPM    ● Yield rate: ≥99.5%    ● Filling mode: Quantitative / variable injection
● Filling accuracy: ±1.5g    ● Supply scope: 0~150g    ● Maximum filling speed: 20g/s    ● Activation: ≥98%

Standard Configurations

● Automatic loading and unloading mechanism of manipulator
● Pre- and post- injection weighing and code scanning mechanism
● Electrolyte injection by positive and negative pressure breathing
● Automatic cleaning mechanism for filling nozzle
● Helium filling mechanism
● Positioning and nail feeding mechanism
● Seal nail pressing mechanism

Optional Configurations