● 12+2 levels, 2 NG levels selecting by manipulator,12 levels sorting rapidly by robot.
● Light weight design of mechanical claw: Gripper + flexible material + flexible manipulator.
● Truss type of manipulator,the fixed mode adopts multi-layer adjustable stable structure.
● Use the middle-sealed solenoid valve to maintain the current state when the compress air shut off.
● The manipulator can absorb the cells and the plastic box of cells respectively.

Basic Parameters

●  Load: Load                  ●  Rhythm: ≤10s

Standard Configurations

●  Power-fail /Compress air shut-off protection       ●  Cells’ in-place detection        ●  Obstacle detection below manipulator       ●  Cells’ positioning function       ●  Dual limit protection

Optional Configurations

● Polygonal voltage test               ● Thickness detection                 ● CCD appearance inspection