● Modularized design, Energy recovery efficiency : 80%   ● Perfect safety protection function   ● Single point / single board modularized control

● Wide adjustment range of voltage and current   ● High-precision measurement of current and voltage           ● Technology of bidirectional currrent control

● Small size      ● Low hea    ● High degree of automation      ● With OCV detection function


System Specification 5V/3A 5V/6A 5V/10A 5V/12A 5V/20A 5V/30A 5V/60A 5V/120A 5V/250A 5V/500A 5V/1000A
Channel Quantity 128 64 24 16 12 8 8 4 2 1 1
Control Mode Whole cabinet control / single board control / single point control
AC Input Voltage of System Three-phase five-wire system AC380V±10%
Frequency (Hz) 50HZ/60HZ
Power Factor >0.98
Charging Efficiency 80%
Discharging Efficiency 80%
Channel Advantages Technology of bidirectional current control, recover discharging energy to power grid; Single circuit structure for CC and CV source: No overcharge during CC to CV;
Current Response Time ≤20ms
Range of Charging Current (0.1%~100%) FS
Range of Discharging Current (0.1%~100%) FS
Range of Voltage Test Charge: (0.5%~100%)FS ;Discharge: 0.5V~5V
Voltage Resolution 0.1mV
Voltage Accuracy ± 2mV
Current Resolution 0.1mA
Current Accuracy ±(0.05% FS + 0.05% RD)
Charging Mode CC Charge CV Charge CCCV charge
Cut-off Conditions of Charging Voltage, Current, Time, Capacity, Temperature
Discharging Mode CC Discharge
Cut-off Conditions of Discharging Voltage, Current, Time, Capacity
Timing Range 1~65535s/process
Sapmling Time ≥1s
Cycle Life 65535
Editing Process Steps ≥128
Protection Functions 41 types of personalized protection functions, including protection against abnormal current, over- temperature of module, battery polarity reverse, self-discharge, power off, poor contact, sampling wire loss, etc.
Optional Functions CV discharge, Parallel connection of channels, Internal resistance test, Constant power discharge etc.