Intelligent Manufacturing Management System for LIB (FMS)

System Introduction

The system adopts the method of data-driven manufacturing, by storage, extraction, integration of LIB back-end production line for each stage of process data to conduct big data analysis and intelligent optimization of production process. So as to improve automation production efficiency, reduce manufacturing cost and provide integrated solution of intelligent production and management for LIB manufacturers. The system is mainly divided into production data management system (DMS), warehouse management system (WMS), warehouse control system (WCS). WMS / WCS both serve the scheduling system of LIB automation line. DMS is for unified management of LIB back-end production data, and serves as the central data center of the whole back-end production to provide data service for the accurate control of logistics scheduling.

Software Advantages

1. Integration of production management, logistics scheduling and warehouse management
2. Complete life cycle of the battery can be traced
3. Centralized storage mode based on big data
4. Intelligent production process adaptation of LIB with high flexibility
5. Omni-directional visual, auditory, and remote terminal real-time abnormal prompt