Roller Conveyor Line


● C-type slot adopts the standard installation hole, which has strong applicability and is convenient in installation and maintenance.
● Saving energy consumption by frequency conversion technology.
● Solid structure (profiles are made of friction-resistant, corrosion-resistant, dust-resistant materials) , the structure design without dust.
● A fully closed motor ensures that its internal components are not affected by external conditions, enabling the motor to operate without failure in any field of application.
● Modularized electrical control , convenience maintenance and installation.

Basic Parameters

● Conveying speed: Max.20m/min, Customizable   ● Rated load: 100KG, Customizable   ● Positioning accuracy: <5mm   ● Roller diameter: Φ50mm   ● Roller spacing: 120mm

Standard Configurations

●  Roller conveyor structure            ●  Vertical lifting mechanism            ●  Positioning device            ●  Lifting load

Optional Configurations

●  Roller material: Wrapped rubber                   ●  Motor type