● Spliting-type rack with support of “back pull rod”, “beam arm”
● Fireproof isolation structure in chamber
● The distributed optical fiber temperature measurement system can detect the temperature and position of each chamber with high precision; with continuous on-line detection, short measuring period, fast response time, high sensitivity and high measurement precision

Basic Parameters

Conventional Index ● Case Form: Single chamber    ● Palletizing Load Strength: ≥100KG

Machining Precision ● Column Full-height Limit Deviation: ±2mm                        ● Tray Holder Length Deviation: ±1mm                    ● Column Bending: ≤L×1/1000

Standard Configurations

●  Split mounting structure            ●  DTS (Distributed Optical Fiber Temperature Detection) System

Optional Configurations

●  Water & gas fire suppression system           ●  Five-side close           ●  Fluid receiving plate            ●  Smoke sensor