● Full-automatic loading and unloading; full tray test
● Wide compatibility range, modularized & flexible design, easy to replace
● Automatic calculation of K value and equipped with MES interface
● Test mechanism and unique wiring design to avoid interference and eddy current
● Full-automatic calibration tooling with high testing accuracy

Basic Parameters

● Machine Capacity: ≥30PPM
● Voltage Testing Accuracy:

a)Voltage range: DC 0~10000mV
b)Test accuracy: ±A(0.0035%RD+0.0005%FS)
c)Pouch cell voltage testing accuracy: ± 0.2mV
(support ± 0.1mV)
● Internal Resistance Testing Precision:
a)Range of internal resistance: 0μΩ~3KΩ
b)Testing accuracy: ±(0.5%rdg.+10dgt.)
c)Testing frequency: 1KHz±0.2Hz
d)Repeated testing accuracy of internal
resistance of pouch cell: ± 0.006m Ω

Standard Configurations

●  Open circuit voltage test and internal resistance test       ●  Equip Zeroing fixture (Master and zero block)

Optional Configurations

●  Environment temperature detection; measuring device (customized)
●  Automatic calculation of K value, NG sorting
●  Cross-line layout
●  Lateral layout