● Full-automatic loading and unloading, integral tray test
● Wide compatibility range, modularized and flexible design,easy to replace
● Automatic calculation of K value and equipped MES interface
● The mechanism and the unique interference-avoiding wiring design, no eddy current generation
● Full-automatic calibration and compensation tooling with high testing precision

Basic Parameters

● Dimension: Determine according to requirements    ● Yield rate: 99.5%    ● capacity/set: Prismatic & Pouch cell ≥30PPM;Cylindrical cell ≥200PPM
● Voltage test accuracy:  a) Voltage range: DC 0~5000mV     b) Test accuracy: ±A (0.0035%Set+0.0005%FS)
c) Temperature coefficient: (±0.0005%rdg.±0.0001% FS/℃)     d) Display resolution: 2µV   e) Voltage test accuracy: ± 0.3mv (± 0.1mv available)
● Internal resistance testing precision:
a) Range of internal resistance: 0µΩ~3KΩ b)Test precision: ±(0.5%rdg.+10dgt.)
c)Temperature coefficient:(±0.05%RD.±0.5dgt.)/℃
d)Display resolution: 0.1µΩ-3mΩ Range
e)Testing frequency: 1KHz±0.2Hz
Pouch cell Internal test precision: ± 0.05 m Ω
g)Prismatic cell Internal test precision: ± 0.006 m Ω
h)Cylindrical cell Internal test precision: ± 0. 3 m Ω

Standard Configurations

●  Open circuit voltage test and internal resistance test       ●  Equip Zeroing fixture (Master and zero block)

Optional Configurations

● Shell voltage testing function; environment temperature detection; measuring instrument ( customized )
● Automatic calculation of K value,NG sorting