Technical Parameters

System Specification  5V120A 5V200A 5V250A 5V450A 5V650A
Channel Quantity 2 1 1 1 1
Control Mode ±0.05%  FS
Channel Features Using bidirectional current flow control technology, recover discharging energy to the grid. Each single channel can stabilize the output power for a long time. It is mainly used in single cell test in laboratory, including cycle life test, capacity grading test, pulse test, DCIR test, etc., with automatic adjustment technology of current and voltage error; Remote automatic online upgrade of firmware; standard modular design to meet mass production requirement;
Module Terminal Discharging Input Voltage Range 500mV-6000mV (Apply to all materials)
C/D Current Response Time ≤10mS
C/D Switching Current Response Time ≤20mS
Charging Mode Charge, CV Charge, CCCV Charge, Constant Resistance Charge, Constant Power Charge
Discharging Efficiency of Single Module (Port) ≥80% (full load)
Charging Cut-off Conditions Voltage, Current, Time, Capacity, Temperature
Discharging Mode CC Discharge, Constant Resistance Discharge, Constant Power Discharge
Discharging Cut-off Conditions Voltage, Current, Time, Capacity
Safety Monitoring Function Six-wire Acquisition
Optional Function CV Discharge, DCIR Test Function