Titans New Power won the title of “National Model Harmonious Labor Relations Enterprise”

Time: 2019.05.22

In order to deepen harmonious relations within enterprises and between industrial parks, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, the National Federation of Trade Unions, the China Enterprise Confederation/China Entrepreneurs Association, and the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce decided to carry out the national selection and commendation of enterprises and industrial parks with harmonious model labor relations, according to the document “Decision on Honoring National Enterprises and Industrial Parks with Harmonious Model Labor Relations” dated March 28, 2019 (Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security issued [2019] No. 25), a total of 347 national enterprises with harmonious model labor relations and 50 national industrial parks with harmonious model labor relations were selected. Among them, Zhuhai Titans New Power Electronics Co., Ltd. was awarded the honorary title of “National Model Harmonious Labor Relations Enterprise”. This is a high recognition of the efforts and achievements of Titans New Power in the construction of harmonious labor relations.

Titan New Power has been conscientiously implementing the requirements of the Party’s Nineteenth Congress on building harmonious labor relations, actively exploring harmonious labor relations by creating new initiatives and new paths. Titans has been consciously practicing the spirit of the new era of social responsibility. 6 promises are as following:

I. Establish an internal communication platform: Titans insists on putting people first, establishes an open and equal internal communication platform, encouraging employees to state their opinion. A good internal communication mechanism can not only fully reflect the company’s respect for employees, but also establish an effective mechanism to reflect and solve problems.

2. Fulfill labor contract: Since the establishment of Titans, Titans has always operating and managing the company in accordance with the law, following the Labor Contract Law, and national regulations, fulfilling every contact that has been signed. From the source,
Titans manages to ensure a fair and reasonable workplace environment and the legitimate rights and interests of employees.

3. Implementing open and democratic management: actively promoting the democratic management system with the staff congresses as the basic form, and using institutionalized, standardized and procedural construction as a guarantee, continuously improving the level of democratic management of the staff congresses and promoting the sustainable development of enterprises.

4. Attaching importance to labor protection: through platform such as the internet, propaganda boards, on-the-job education, special training and commitment to responsibility, the protection awareness has been enhanced. In June of each year, the company carries out activities to promote safety knowledge and prevent all kinds of hidden dangers; organizes health check-ups for all staff and regularly issues labor insurance supplies to provide material support for safe production.

5. Focus on staff quality training: Titans actively mobilizes and organizes staff to carry out technical training, skill competitions, skill training and selection activities for outstanding staff, build learning team and build interactive learning platform.

Sixth, casting the perfect cultural environment: the colorful company culture is connection ties between employees. Titans carries out diversified activities such as sports and cultural festivals, speech contests, singing contests, reading months, establishing cultural buildings such as staff study houses and nursery rooms. Apart from that, Titans also issues holiday condolences and other benefits to employees, Large number of participants join the wide scope of activities, so that employees can work happily and live healthily in a relaxed and rich cultural atmosphere.

Titans New Power has successfully created a healthy management model of negotiation, benefit creation and benefit sharing between the enterprise and employees through six labor creation tasks, which has realized the harmonious common development between employees and the enterprise, stimulated the passion of all employees to innovate, c ontinuously improved products and services, thus promoting the formation of enterprise cohesion and core competitiveness, which is a solid ground for Titans New Power to continuously leapfrog over the years to build the international leading lithium intelligent equipment!