1. Current accuracy: ±(0.025%FS + 0.025% RD)
    Voltage accuracy: ±1mV
    Maximum voltage acquisition rate:10mS
    Current response time: <20mS
  2. Maximum efficiency: ≥90%
    Charging/discharging efficiency: ≥90%
    3 times smaller than conventional power supp
  3. Intelligent air cooling design
    Fast plug-and-pull design for quick maintenance
    Three phase balancing technique


Technical Parameters


Channel Characteristics Taking intelligent series charging and discharging technology, recover discharging energy to the grid. Saving more than 88% energy compared with the conventional power module; AC/DC controlling current and constant voltage with collecting board acquiring cell voltage data; Automatic adjustment for error of current and voltage; Automatic remote on-line upgrade of firmware; Standard modularized design.
System Specification 240V12A、240V20A、240V30A、240V40A、240V60A、60V80A、60V120A、60V160A、60V200A、60V250A
Charging Efficiency/Discharging Efficiency ≥90%
Optional Function OCV test function
System Characteristics
  1. Realizing the simultaneous charging and discharging mode of the cells and improve the consistency of the cell.
  2. Compared with the traditional feedback technology solution, the intelligent series type system can save more than 70% of energy.
  3. Operating cost (electricity, maintenance, cooling) is reduced by more than 70%, which greatly cut down manufacturing cost.
  4. High accuracy of current/voltage acquisition control, current accuracy is higher than 0.025% and voltage accuracy is 1mV.
  5. Accurately and rapidly screening the abnormal cells through monitoring internal process: recognizing the internal short circuit in advance to ensure safer production
    Power cable length reduced by 90%, and maximum footprint of cabinet reduced by 50%.