1. The laser positioning method with high positioning accuracy
  2. The laser rangefinder tracks the speed of the stacker in real time and monitors the motion state
  3. Photoelectric obstacle detection, mechanical collision detection, walking flashing whistle and other multiple safety protection functions

Basic Parameters

Stack Types: Single / Double extension

Stack Forms: Single column / Double column

Cargo Platform Types:

● Fork type: Plate fork/Double fork

● Cargo Station: Single tray / Double tray

Speed: Max.300m/min

Load: 0-5000KG

Acceleration Speed: 2m/s², Customizable

Positioning Accuracy: ±2mm


Standard Configurations

  1. Over height/width, in-position detection of location
  2. Limit position protection
  3. Safety laser scanner

Optional Configurations

  1. Armored device
  2. Infrared imaging camera
  3. Infrared temperature detection
  4. Climb-wire rope anti-fall system
  5. Formation machine maintenance platform
  6. Top anti-swinging mechanism