1. Each gripper can detect whether each cell is in-place, bottom side has foreign objects and it has flexible anticollision protection mechanism
  2. Gripper cylinder uses pilot type speed control valve + 3-position 5-way sealing valve control, not loosing >30min after electricity and gas shutdown
  3. Binding cell data and tray data, cell validity & tray validity check
  4. Gripper light-weight design
  5. Cell anti-dropping function
  6. According to output capacity, the manipulator can grip single or multiple cells, with variable distance function, satisfying stacking/de-stacking of multiple spacing sizes

Basic Parameters

  1. Load: Customizable
  2. Capacity: >15PPM
  3. Repetitive Positioning Accuracy: ±0.05
  4. Repetitive cycling positioning accuracy: ±0.13

Standard Configurations

  1. Power and air shut-off protection
  2. Cell in-place detection
  3. Obstacle detection below gripper
  4. Cell positioning
  5. Anti falling mechanism

Optional Configurations

  1. Battery bar code scanner
  2. Cell anti-dropping mechanism