1. Single-cell temperature detection, with high-precision temperature collection technology, excellent chamber temperature uniformity of ±3℃
  2. Anomaly detection (polarity / probe contact resistance /loop contact resistance / ambient temperature / channel temperature / smoke detection / powershut-off protection)
  3. Diversified probe structures, adapted to the diversified cell electrode structures of different system
  4. Compatible with cells of different heights and available for quick changeover
  5. Single chamber vacuum system, proportional-valve stepless vacuum regulation formation technology
  6. Automatic calibration design

Basic Parameters

  • Chamber Temperature Uniformity:±3 ℃
  • Charging Efficiency:≥75%
  • Discharging Efficiency:≥65%
  • Chamber Channels:144/196/256CH

Standard Configurations

Single channel temperature probe;

Proportional-valve stepless vacuum formation

Multiple ambient temperature probes in the chamber, 2 and more smoke detections, high precision adjustable smoke sensors

Energy feedback power module

Modular probe board assembly with back pull-out

Triple security protection: modular level,process level and system level

Optional Configurations

  1. Intelligent series power module
  2. PCS high voltage DC
  3. Water and gas integrated firefighting, aerosol firefighting
  4. Capacity Temperature Compensation
  5. Full-automatic wireless power module calibration tooling / Cable & wires sequence detection tooling/Probe cleaning tooling / Vacuum block detection tooling / Suction nozzle extraction & insertion tooling
  6. Single-chamber temperature self-control technology
  7. Automatic fluid drainage systems
  8. Vacuum cleaning tooling
  9. Forced smoke exhaust
  10. Micro negative pressure technology