Nail Insertion Machine For 4680 Cylindrical Cell


  1. Wide compatibility range, modularized design, easy to changeover
  2. Automatic loading and unloading, with tray in-place detection, positioning detection
  3. Compressed air nail blowing, effectively improving the production capacity of the equipment
  4. Spiral insertion during nail insertion to prevent deformation and rebound of the nail

Basic Parameters

  1. First Time Yield:99.9%
  2. Positioning accuracy:0.5mm
  3. Equipment capacity:≥100PPM

Standard Configurations

  1. Multiple nail insertion axis, single channel nail insertion detection
  2. Precise positioning of module movement
  3. Vibrating-plate nail feeding, non-stop nail filling
  4. Anti-stick nail mechanism
  5. Nail extraction and reinsertion in case of abnormal nail insertion

Optional Configurations

  1. Exhaust gas detection, exhaust gas emission
  2. CCD positioning
  3. Tray scanning
  4. Tailstock nail removal
  5. Multiple nail insertion stations