1. Modular design, single cell energy feedback rate 82%
  2. Protection function improvement
    Single point/single board module control
    Wide range voltage & current adjustment
    High precision current & voltage test
  3. Equipped with CV discharge, constant power discharge and OCV test function
  4. Using synchronous rectification technology
    Full sine wave feedback, low harmonics, high power factor, high efficiency
  5. Bi-direction current control technology, small power module size, low heat generation, significant reduction of environment temperature, saving energy consumption and footprint


Technical Parameters


Channel Characteristics DSP full series parallel module, standardized design, modular design, high reliability; program standardized design, with consistency of program structure within 3A~450A, safe and reliable; supporting any number of phases in parallel interleaved, flexible control, low ripple output voltage and current; bi-directional current control technology, discharge energy back to the grid; constant current source and constant voltage source using a single-loop structure, constant current to constant voltage without overcharge
System Specification 5V3A、5V6A、5V15A、5V30A、5V60A、5V100A、5V120A、5V200A、5V400A
Module Charging Efficiency 85%
Module Discharging Efficiency 82%
Optional Function Constant voltage discharge, channel parallel connection, internal resistance test , constant power discharge, etc.
Protection Function 41 types of customized voltage/current abnormal protection, module over-temperature protection, cell reversal protection, self-discharge protection, power failure protection, poor contact protection, sampling cable disconnection protection, etc.