1. C-groove with standard installation hole, strong applicability, easy to install and maintain.
  2. Saving energy consumption with variable-frequency technology
  3. Stable structure (materials are resistant of friction, corrosion and dust generation), dusting-free structure design
  4. Modularized electrical control convenient for maintenance and installation

Basic Parameters

Conveying Speed: Max.18m/min, Customizable

Rated Load: 150KG, Customizable

Positioning Accuracy: ±10mm

Roller Diameter: Φ50mm

Roller Spacing: 120mm

Standard Configurations

  1. Roller conveyor
  2. Elevator
  3. Lifting and shifting load
  4. De-stacking/stacking machine Rotating mechanism
  5. Both side rubber covered

Optional Configurations

  1. Roller material:
  2. Galvanized carbon steel/stainless steel Electric roller or motor-driven